Friday, 5 February 2010

5 years ago... our view

This piece was presented on a conference (NAS 2005 in Stavanger Forum) with all Scandinavian (Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark) experts on hearing/deafness.. Lotte's mother was there to give the point of view of the parent..

Reflections of a Mother

I would like to equipe my child with several different tools that give her the chance to feel being accepted and at home in more then just one language-area. What is needed of the hearing world so that my child can be met on her terms, so that one can meet in the place she is in?

I would like my child to be able to travel on two tracks on her journey through life, which are parallell. Inbetween the tracks there are invisible bridges, that make it possible to change track whenever needed, there are restingplaces on both sides, where it is lovely to stop for a while and relax.

Or may be it is easier (and cheaper?) to just follow one single track? Then however it is not so simple to jump to the other side, where it can be good to be every once in a while, to relax, to understand and to be understood.

The scenery is probably more visible from several sides. We see beautiful things on both sides, different things, sometimes it’s easier to see around a curve. The colours seem nowhere the same, and the world actually looks a bit bigger!

To be able to get to know both tracks, the child needs several guides during the journey. People that may be have been there before, who can show the way and give a security about the fact that this road is awsome and this we are going to manage really well...

Where do we buy tickets to this trip? And at what cost?

What do the guides need to know before we go on our way, and not in the least: how do we get the child to enjoy the journey?
Mother to Lotte Sofie, spring 2005
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Mom to Jiya said...

Very nice blogpost and a even better diagram to explain it all...

Cloggy said...

Thanks. :-)

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