Tuesday, 17 August 2010

First day of school... again... for the third time....

Third grade already... Time flies.
She'll have new teachers. Not the usual way in Norway. Teachers can stay with the same class / kids for 7 years, but in this case, the class got new ones.

A loss for Lotte as the teacher she had was great. She understood the challenges connected with Lotte, and it took some time to get that experience.
Now, new teachers will have to get their own experiences..
Of course we will have close contact with them and explain the problems. How to make sure that Lotte understands what's been said (Lotte saying "yes" does not mean she understands...). Basically - any message given to Lotte needs to be verified...

But.. Lotte has many friends her age at school that understand her limitations, and will help her.
Some time ago, Lotte's mum said something to Lotte and a friend of Lotte that was visiting...
Lotte said she understood, but the friend said to Lotte "No, she means this / that".. and Lotte
finally understood....
So... even we forget to verify if Lotte gets the message, but fortunately there are some 8-year old safetynets around lotte..

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