Monday, 16 August 2010

Home.. alone

the posts don't come as often as before.. and I guess that's good sign... Milestones are further apart .. or perhaps less visible. Or perhaps we're just too busy..
Vacation is over. Today was the first day of school, and Lotte had no problem adjusting to it..
But... I'm here to share another milestone....

We left Lotte "home alone"...
Needed to do some groceries, and Lotte was not eager to join us. Nor did we feel an urge to tell her that she HAS to come with us..
So.. we left her with "her" mobile phone (don't tell her.. she assumes it's hers, but we have not officially given it to her), set her up with her mothers mobile number and after some ground rules we left.
One of the ground rules was "Not to allow anyone in the house".... Lotte was quick to correct us that her brother and sister surely would be allowed to enter... We humbly acknowledged our mistake...

200m from the house... Lotte calling....
"Can my friend come in" - (son of our neighbours"..??
We answered that that was OK..

500m from the house... Lotte calling...
"He already left." - (apparently the video Lotte was watching did not interest the boy..)

She was good. Some more calls were made, to get the most out of her new freedom. She enjoyed it.
And we enjoyed it as well. Lotte was so at ease with calling us.... just wonderful..

So, with this episode, another milestone passed with warp speed. We hardly saw it... Well, that's not entirely true... It's more like an exit on the highway... "Milestone 1000m ahead" and then passing it at warp speed....

She nowadays just opens the pouches herself in order to remove the CI from there, and hangs it on her ear by herself.... Giving all the freedom to be the chatterbox on the phone - or mobile phone....
Putting it back... well, that still requires the assistance of someone else....


Facebook entry said...

Independence was one of the goals all along wasn't it?

Cloggy said...

Yeh.. it's a maze of minimum expectations, wishes, goals...
Using the telephone is something she has been doing for a couple of years, and getting better all the time.
Her independence here is something that happened at earlier age with our other 2 children. Like when they were 6 years old, or 7. For Lotte we feel thatshe is old enough now - or mature enough - to do it now.
It shows how her cognitive development is still behind her age-level. But she's closing the gap...

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