Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Hers.... all hers...

November 2010... time flies and our kids grow without us noticing it.
Lotte is growing as wel. Physically and more important, mentally... More and more things become hers.

Homework is hers...

She will start doing it herself, doesn't want help until she needs it, and (fortunately) allows us to check it and make comments.... If she has done anything wrong... she's OK with having to correct it.
They get a list of what to do from school with them... One of the questions was "Can you make two sentenses with the practice-words"... Her answer was a simpel "Yes"... Wonderful..

Handbal is hers...

She started 3 weeks ago. Many girls (and some boys) are playing in a team and she wanted to join. We brought her to the training and she did great. No chance of hearing anything the trainer said to her, but looking at the other children will get you a long way. She has good coordination, throws the ball fine (her dad - former low-level baseball player / catcher practiced with her before the first training...) and is totally at ease...

So much at ease there, that we're no longer allowed to accompany her to the training.. Well... dropping her of  is OK, but not into the training hal...
Last sunday her first games. A tournament in another part of town and she did great... Got a medal for it.. YES..!!

Hearing is hers...
From the phase where hearing was never an issue, where she just put on the CI and went to school, it now becoms clear to her that she has problems to hear at times..
Last week, children had to read aloud from a book. Some of the girls in the classroom speak very softly... Children away from these girls have no possibility to hear them. Nor has Lotte.
The teacher is very committed to making sure Lotte understands everything... So, she asked Lotte.. "Can you hear what they say.?" Lotte couldn't, and "had to" admit that. Thoughtful as the question was... I think that Lotte felt that she was the only one that couldn't hear whas was read aloud..
The teacher explained to her that the girls were reading very softly.... and that she herself couldn't hear then, and the other children couldn't hear either..  But I think Lotte didnt get much of that explanation...
She came home and explained to us that she had trouble understanding others...
That was a first time for us to hear her talk about not being able to hear. (we didn't know the circumstances yet. We were updated later by the teached.. It's great to have such an engaged teacher working with Lotte..)
We comforted her and she forgot about it, and after we got the message from the teacher about what happened, we were able to get back to the incident and explain to Lotte that it was not just she that didn't hear, but many children in the claas, including the teacher.
In retrospect, when a child is speaking so low that other children can't understand what's being said, it would be best to ask any child but Lotte if he/she can hear what's being said... That way, Lotte will understand that other children have the same problem as she.. This time, she thought it was just her..
(Isn't hindsight wonderfull... as they say... "Hindsight is always twenty-twenty.")

This week the school started to use a soundsystem for the classroom...
More about this later

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