Thursday, 11 November 2010

Speaking & hearing & understanding for all..

Trying FM wasn't a big success. (See other posts..) The school had some meeting with the councel and got themself informed about the possibilities for making Lottes learningenvironment better.
One of the conclusions was that having a sound-system in the classroom would be of great benefit to Lotte, and the rest of the class.

So, last week, th school has installed a sound-system in Lotte's classroom. Speakers on the wall, a microphone for the teacher to have around her/his neck, and microphones for all the children.. (well, 1 for every 2 children) so that from now on everyone should be abe to hear and understand everyone else.
We haven't heard yet about how it's working. We understood that on the first day it was available, the teacher used the microphone, but not the kids. But all the kids liked it, and I'm sure they are all looking forward to using the microphone.
It's not just for Lotte, even though she's the reason it's installed. The other children will benefit from better sound, AND they will be trained in speaking in turns. 
Will keep you all informed....

Have a look here... (Norwegian)


Jane Stava said...

Så bra at de har fått et slik opplegg i klasserommet. Jeg føler meg heldig som forelder over at dette også vil ha fordeler som vil tilfalle mitt barn. Så tenker jeg at dette er informasjon som jeg mener alle foreldrene i klassen burde ha tilgang på? Burde det muligens bil postet på klassen sin internett side?
Jane Stava

Cloggy said...

I send the link to the teacher so she could pass it around....
But it would be good to put it on Linksidene / 3. klasse as well.

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