Monday, 21 February 2011

Ear-plugs for Lotte - continued.

OK... quick update...
Ordered - and received new ear-molds... Just like Dan suggested..
Nowadays, for Lotte the norm is to have the BTE's on the ears... Only when there's gym or other sports Lotte wants them on the back...

It's wonderful to see how it's her own choice.. She has a plan - and I guess we 'll have to stick with it..

Would love to add a picture.. but I'm working... far.. far.. away in the middle of the Norwegian North Sea... LOL..


Anonymous said...

Very nice to view all of this from the family; thank you for doing this work and presenting it. I am a teacher in the department for HOH DEAF and very young children with CI and their families. Tell me more about the early sign language experiences and how it helped or what made the biggest and best help towards the wonderful person she is now. This is important for this next generation; and it is helping me in some of the 'battles' I am currently in with the 'higherups'. Let us continue to improve the life situations. thanks,
Dr. J aka Teacher Jeanne
P.S. I also would like more about Her Own Choice and when she started making it/them...
I am working to achieve the goal of bestest now for the bestest future of all those I interact with.

Cloggy said...

Hi JT,
Very good to look into that.
You will get lots of information on CiCircle where there are a lot of families with similar experiences. I am sure they will be thrilled to share their experiences with you. And having multiple families will help your investigation, instead of just me.
Keep me informed. Hope you find what you are looking for..

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