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Hello, Lotte! I am a 60 yr old lady who lives close to Chicago, Illinois. I have a Freedom CI in my Right ear, and on January 27 of this year I got my Nucleus 5 implant on my Left ear. I have been having a problem that the Nucleus 5 processor is irritating the inciscion from the implant surgery! Tomorrow I see my Audiologist and she has gottn me the longer (18 inch) cord so that I can wear the processor on my shoulder for a few weeks to let the inciscion heal! When I was leaving the office, I saw a man going in that had real long hair and he was wearing his CI on his shoulders! I can tell you that the Nucleus 5 processor is smaller than the Freedom. I am happy that someone came up with this idea so that I can get my sore ear to heal!

Cloggy said...

Great to hear that you took the opportunity to use it on your shoulders. Guess you have the long coils.. Otherwise, I can have some send to you by Laurie - who experimented for us.
Have a look here ( )

Hope you will have lots of benefits from your new ear. :-)

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