Saturday, 5 February 2011

Ear-plugs for Lotte ... today's solution... worked..

This morning we adjusted the "tubes" to the correct length... and even though the BTE's are hanging OK... it's still a big thing on her ears.. Over to plan B... the battery/controller separated from the microphone/sender....
Lotte was happy to try the extensioncords.... and loved them. Comfortable at the ears, and she didn't mind the battery-packs/controller on her back.. 
So this is how she wore them the rest of the day..  I think it's still a novelty... Something "cool" for her.. We'll see how it goes in the next few days.
But it makes it easier for her to use the phone (no more grabbing the BTE from the shoulder, impossible to put back) and perhaps some better hearing outside... 

She still has to learn to put them in herself..... Not an easy task... 
Perhaps this will become a bottle-neck in the future.... She will be very frustrated when she can't get the mold in it's place...  We'll go to school with her and explain it to the teachers.... They need to know how to help her.. 

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