Monday, 7 February 2011

Ear-plugs for Lotte - Fair enough...

Yesterday- Sunday started with Lotte with the BTE's on the ears, the batteries on the back... All went well until she came in after playing outside.. Guess she felt the contraption on the back. so she demanded to have all of the BTE on the ear.
Fair enough..... We're experimenting here...

Then when we were talking with her about using it at school we came to the part where she has swimming on Monday and gymnastics on Tuesday.... She stopped us and explained:
"You know.. this is how we do it. I will have it on the back (the old way) on Monday and Tuesday, and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday I will have it on the ear." Excellent... she's taking control of her CI...
we think the change to wearing it on the ears is enough... She doesn't want to add to it the exposure of explaining to the teachers how the earpieces have to go back, how the tube goes into the earpiece etc... Too much to handle for her in one day.... So she wants to take it slowly....
Fair enough..... We're experimenting here..

So... at the moment all's back at"normal" with the BTE's safely secured on her back....

Only thing to do is check if/when she will be upgraded to the nucleus 5, and if the earpieces she got are the right ones... (Thanks Dan for pointing it out..)

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