Sunday, 12 December 2010

FM Equipment.. with Hearing Loop

We got a new system for Lotte to use her FM equipment. Previous we used this system on the right ( link to the post here).
This was in a transmitter in combination with a socalled "MicroLink" that would fit in the BTE.. Batteries would be in there as well which gave us a problem.
Lotte uses rechargeable batteries. This would mean that Lotte had to remove the rechargeable batteries from the BTE (and store them in a safe place), then insert the MicroLink into the BTE. The latter needed the disposable batteries. This meant two systems of batteries. Not very practical. And costly...
Lotte didn't like it. Probably because there's too much attention directed towards her... Basically.... it was hardly used..

The "Hjelpemiddelsentralen" here in town suggested to use a sender and receiver that would be carried around the neck... The microphone in the transmitter (on the right, the ZoomLink +) would be send to the receiver (on the left, the MyLink +) and then via  "teleslynge" ( Hearing Loop in English I believe)..  around Lotte's neck to het BTE.. The receiver can be carried under her shirt...
Ideal for sports where it's difficult to hear due to all the noise around Lotte.. A trainer would be able to coach her directly... Only his/her voice would go into Lotte's ear.
The microphone can be set to pick up sound from all around, a small cone, or only from close-by in a "beam" setting... (The three buttons on the Transmitter..)


There's just one problem....
Lotte doesn't want to use it..... "I can hear fine"... she tells us....

OK.. still work to do... LOL..

Links for the MyLink+ and Zoomlink+:

Microphone / Sender: ZoomLink Plus (User Guide) (Tech. Data)
Receiver: MyLink + (User Guide) (Tech. Data)
SmartlLink +, Zoomlink +, EasyLink +


Dan Schwartz, Editor, The Hearing Blog said...

Of course, it's a hearing aid dispenser to the rescue. But, given that the three 675 batteries in the Freedom last for 4-1/2 days of continuous use (that's what my former girlfriend gets with hers), why not put the FM/battery module in forst thing in the morning,and switch over to rechargeables when she gets home from school? Is this a case of being penny-wise and pound-foolish?

In any case, the ZoomLink transmitter is compatible with the MicroLink receiver, so her coach can still use it.

Also, as we've discussed before, the neckloop relies on inductive coupling for baseband transmission, which makes it very susceptible to buzzing from power wiring, computers, lights, and other things found in a modern classroom.

Cloggy said...

thanks for your comment..
It's not about "penny-wise & pound foolish".... Had Lotte loved the FM from day 1, we would have had no problem with having it 100% of the time... But, since she doesn't want it, and the teachers don't see the need for it.... it would be a waste to use disposable batteries for 1 hour class every 3-4 days... and have them discharge in time... Especially with "free" rechargeable batteries around.
Even now - with less of a hassle hooking up the system... Lotte still feels no need for it..

In the classroom she is using the hearing-loop. It's working well... but outside the classroom there has not been a desire from her side, nor from the teachers.
They were informed, and if Lotte is going on a trip / hike, they might tell Lotte to take it with her..

Good info about the loop being sensitive for interference.... will be good to be able to tell Lotte about that when she would hear "strange" noises when she uses the loop..

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