Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Takîng Control..

Guess I'm not done with this blog after all..

Time flies, and Lotte is almost going to the next phase of the Norwegian Schooling system. after 7 years "Barneskole" (primary school) she will graduate to "ungdomsskole" (lower secondary school) where for the next three years she will work towards a more specific education.
The last couple of weeks there is activity getting to know the new school, teachers and new pupils. 
Lotte was placed in a class without one of her her best friends but after meeting her new classmates, of which some she never met, she was happy and positive about the new classmates.

Yesterday it was the parents that met, and Lottes mum (M) spend a little time explaining to other parents about Lotte's CI. Just a couple of minutes. Enough to inform, not too long to set too much focus on it. 

One of the parents spoke to M about how she met Lotte on a previous activity a couple of days ago and how Lotte had told her that she needed to speak slower because Lotte couldn't understand.
WOW... Great to hear that Lotte is taking care of herself. Making sure she understands what is being said. Making sure she is not missing some essential message.. And this towards a person she had never met... Proud parents here...

It's not often we get this kind of feedback. Obviously from teachers at school we hear how she's doing, but from other parents, unknown parents, this is rare.. Guess that's the "problem" with a child happy at school and with friends... She's fully accepted so nothing is special...

So, as said above, I'm far from done with this blog. Mew milestones are pushing buttons that require updating the blog as required I guess..

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