Thursday, 7 May 2015

Technology rocks..

Christmas came today for Lotte. 7 Months early but with full power.
We are lucky here in Norway.. Well, better put, the socialistic system is working very well.. We do pay a lot of taxes, but is is put to good use...

Lotte is now the proud owner (technically she is borrowing the equipment) of the Cochlear Wireless "Streamer", "Mini Microphone" and "Phone Clip" 

Early in the morning we were at NAV Hjelpemiddelsentrale with "I.L.V" to try if Lottes new Cochlear Implant was made ready to work with the new Cochlear Bluetooth Wireless equipment.
After reading through the manual of the Mini Microphone and following the instructions.... it worked.! 
Lotte liked it much more than the old FM equipment. Definitely less hassle although we need to find if the system automatically reconnects...

After that Lotte got to try the Phone Clip. She managed to get this going by herself and directly called her mother... Lotte was thrilled... She loved her new equipment. Even though Lotte has no problem using the telephone at the moment, I can see how this will help her making calls..

Finally we were also allowed to borrow the Streamer to see if this would work well with the television and later in the classroom, when connected to the Amplifier that is running the speakers.. This would mean there is no need for a "hearing loop" in the classroom.

Lotte promised that she will keep NAV/ILV updated about her experience with the three wireless gadgets.. 

Let's check there, at Lotte's own blog, to see what she says... 

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