Monday, 15 May 2006


We had a great experience this morning with Lotte.

Sitting at breakfast, I ticked on a bottle with water, making a nice sound. Started a game with her where she would say "yes" when she heared it. At 2m distance (6-7 feet) she could hear just the touch of my nail on the bottle. My mother-in-law who wears hearing-aids (sitting atg 3ft) could not hear it.
Was great fun and showed how well she could hear.

Same with whispering.
When we wisper to her, she'll wisper back. It's beautiful to see that response and it took a while before we realised that "whispering" is not a deaf activity.

(From AllDeaf messageboard)
We are learning every day.!!

Wired for Sound!

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Neecy (AllDeaf) said...

OH that is so great! I know what you mean about whispering!!! I never could while deaf, but now with the CI I can!! Isn't that so wierd?

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