Monday, 1 January 2007

Reading with Lotte.

One of the most important things to do with children is to read to them.
It will give them a feeling for words, for rhytm, rhyme, pronounciation etc. There's a direct link between the amount of reading a child gets (read to or reading themselves) and the performance at school.

Today Lotte's mum was reading from the "Mijn eerste Van Dale", a book with rhymes for little children, going through the whole ABC...
Lotte loves to do this. Loves to learn new words.

The book is obviously for all 3 children, but for the others we also bought the "Junior Spreekwoordenboek" a dictionairy with uhh. (cannot recall the english word.....) proverbs. (Thanks to this website)
It's great for them. Stimulates them to read, search for info elsewhere than on the internet.
They love it and read with grandma (who's staying with us), learning all kinds of new proverbs.

In addition... (the ease of the internet allows you to click on yet another item to buy) we bought the "Van Dale Praktijkgids voor Spelling". Not living in Holland, we have to make sure the kids can write proper Dutch.

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