Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Update.... 3 years with sound...!!

Lotte is moving on fast, catching up every day.
Lately her sentences became longer, more clear. Discovered rhymes, and more and more singing. Putting on CD's by herself (as in her own choice) with songs and/or stories..
Also writing new words is getting more and more her attention. She can write all the names she knows, but that's just remembering the order of the characters. Now she starts to figure out how to write words she hears.
It's a great adventure.!!

She had her yearly checkup in Oslo where they checked her equipment and tested her for hearing, sound discrimination, sentences etc. Everything was excellent.!!
In order not to waist time (and attention from Lotte), they skipped most of the easy tests in order to move on quickly.
She's at 92% on the scale of hearing / understanding. Whatever it means, and however it is calculated, it shows she's doing great.
In a way, we know, but it's nice to get it "officially"..... (why is that so important.?)

She is using longer sentenses, understanding more and more of the world.
More able to explain her wishes, and, recently, more able to explain what happened during the day, or previous day.

Some days ago, we had friends visiting us that we hadn't seen for almost a year, and when these kind of visits happen, people are amazed about how well they can understand her now, compared to a year ago. For us, it's a confirmation that she improves. Sometimes, improvements are so slow (like with any child growing up) that we don't notice, and it takes "outsiders" to give a sort of reality-check.


Laurie said...

That is wonderful! Am glad to hear she is doing great. The fact that she wants to listen, hear, and communicate is a blessing right there! I enjoy reading about her progress here, too!


Abbie said...

WOW! 92% is great! She is doing miraculously well. I love reading your blog. The way you talk about her is so heart warming. I have a question about the sentence and words that they use to test. What are some examples of the words and sentences that they use to test a child? The test that I get are not your run of the mill hot dog, baseball, cowboy.

Cloggy said...

Her words and sentences are obviously based on her age. So they are simple words, but on the other hand, selected to see if she can hear the ending of the words.... testing if she hears all the sounds.
The sentences are simple as well, but again, age-based. When the sentences get too long, she'll start missing information.

An additional comment; the tests are all in Norwegian. At home, with us she speaks Dutch. Still, she had no problems... said...

She is such a doll, I love checking out your blog.

Lantana said...

I put your blog in my favorites. You guys sound like you are doing a great job and are happy accomplishing it. How do you pronoucne "Lotte"??


Cloggy said...


"o" as in short
the "e" as in "uh"

Perhaps "lottuh" would sound good..??

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