Wednesday, 7 November 2007

Want to play?

This morning when Lotte arrived at the kindergarten, a little girl her age stood and waited for her.
"God morning Lotte! Shall I be with you?"

"Shall we eat breakfast together?".

When other kids take an active initiativ to contact Lotte, that is a sign of real inclusion.
They find she has something to contribute, and they wish to spend time with her.

Hurray for the staff of the kindergarten, because they are the ones that make this possible.
To make inclusion happen is the responsibility of the grown-ups.



Shiloh said...

Lotte seems like such an "old soul" from her pictures. Wise beyond her years. She really seems grown up. What a beautiful little lady she is.

Tom's Mum said...

This is so positive. We are just starting our 'school' journey and this post reminds me that we need to find a school that has the right attitude.

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